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Me and Him

I don' really want people knowing my name so let's just say my name is 'Roxy'. I was 14 back then when I fell in love with a guy my age, let's call him 'Clay'. He was my classmate for 8 years. I was in 2nd grade when I first met him. So, I reached 8th grade and knew how amazing he was. HE was popular and I ain't. He had pretty girls all over him. He was HOT. The reason why I fell in love because we were lab partners in our Chemistry class. I realized why girls liked him, not only by his physical looks, but also his kindness. He was...amazing. I turned 15 and I still liked him more and more. Soon, the 'like' turned into 'love'. I started being shy around him and he was...nothing. He acted as if I didn't even exist. Like before, but I still kept liking him. One of my friends, let's hide her by the name 'Bernadeth', knew that I liked him. She didn't want anyone to notice at all, so she started telling people that it was her who liked Clay. Then, the rumors reached Clay. He wasn't mad, but it wasn't nice either. When people asked why he didn't like Bernadeth, he would say "Who would? She's as loud as hell". Then, I started being scared. He was...a monster. He was mean. I never realized that...'til now. A year had passed and all of my friends knew about my feelings towards Clay. Then one of my other friend, let's call her 'Riza', said to me "What if he likes you?". "Who would like me?" I say to her. It was true. In my 16 years of existence that time, no one ever told me that they like me. A month later, the feelings still wouldn't go away...even if I try to kick it out. "We have to tell him" Riza says. I was scared. Riza ran towards Clay and said "Hey she likes--", but I didn't let her finish. "You like who?" Clay asks me. Then, I decided to tell him. "'s been three years. I like you, Clay" I say, straight to the point. I expected him to laugh and bully me, but instead, he kissed my forehead. "I liked you, too. Ever since we were lab partners back in 8th grade" he says to me. I was shocked and happy at the same time. I couldn't believe that he likes me back!
Years has passed. He started his Architecture and I started my Engineering as well. After we graduated. We both went to Paris and he took another course to be a future chef.
We are now married and we have two lovely children. I hope this is forever.
This is my love story.

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    Jul 10, 2014
    Jul 10, 2014
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